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Tom Murray's encounter with Burt Munro

"I haven't seen the movie yet, 'The World's Fastest Indian', but in February 1971 I met Burt Munro in New Zealand on the beach. He only did 128 mph and threw a pushrod the day I saw him. The picture is of my Triumph behind his Indian, (Burt in the white helmut)."

"1970 TR6 Triumph 650cc trophy bought new August 1970. After seeing the Isle of Man races in June and not wanting to spend another cold winter in England, the plan was to get to Australia. So off we went planning to spend Christmas on the beach. The Octoberfest in Munich was on the way east, then south to Italy, Yugo, Greece, Turkey, Iran Afganistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, back to India south to Madras. Got a boat to Penang Malaysia then south to Singapore, another boat to Fremantle Australia on April 1, 1971, (only took 7 months). Out of 6 M/C only 2 made it. Later drove across Australia. Finally got a Christmas on the beach in Queensland in 1971. Then the boat to New Zealand for 2 months doing a figure 8 around the 2 islands, then 10 days later I was back in Vancouver aboard the Canberra P & O Ship. It only took 914 days (2 yrs. 7 mo.) to go around the world--and people ask me why I ride a Triumph!"

Tom Murray

Tom Murray is a staunch supporter of the Black Lightning Project. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe Tom has attended all of the Vincent streamliner attempts except for 1996, when Don Vesco, Don Angel, Sonny Angel, Larry Feece, Dave Breedon, Bob George and David Baxter served as pit crew. Don Vesco made two passes with the liner that year.