Mal Hewett

Vincent Salt Racers Down Under

According to many, Lake Gairdner, Australia, is the best salt flat on the planet. Having read many articles, I understand that they do seem to have a problem with kangaroos leaving behind what kangaroos leave behind, (I also understand that the fly population is second to none.)

These obstacles don't deter the brave hearts in the effort to go fast--real fast with their 50 year old marques, and that would be the legendary Vincent.

Mal Hewett is one of these. Mal, in 2002, took his 1200cc Vincent on gas to 140+mph. The bike sports numerous Terry Prince parts . He may have bettered that speed by now, haven't heard for awhile. Included in his last letter, written in 2006, was a handsome donation to the Black Lightning Project from him and a few of his mates.

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"Too much noise osifer? Not us, only the bike."
"Mal Hewett's motley crew. Terry Prince 4th from left. Mal on bike."