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1985-1989 Grey Flash Replica

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I've always been interested in all types of motorcycle racing, not the least of which were Road Racers.

As Vincents had been my passion, I wanted to build a Grey Flash. The price of a factory Grey Flash was out of my reach. Most of the guys that owned the real McCoy, didn't want to part with them, so while working at Sonny Angel's shop in National City, California, (I think it was somewhere in 1981), I bought a Comet that had been turned in to a Scrambler which was serving part time as a hill climber. The bike was really a rat, but the price was right--800 bucks. I bought the bike from a long time friend, Frank Hubbard, alias "Rebel", who lived near Sonny's shop, in I believe, Spring Valley.

The bike kicked around my shop from 1981 to around 1985, as it took a long time to scrounge up all of the pieces for the Grey Flash replica--Albion gear box, clutch, magnesium brake backing plates, TT carburetor, tach drive, and so on. I never could lay my hands on a big port head, but all in all it turned out quite nice, and ran real strong, although I never actually raced the machine.

Never liked the Grey Flash seat, but always preferred the Norton Manx look. So hence the seat was not in the true faith of the Grey Flash.

I lost this bike in the partnership break up mentioned elsewhere in my writings, but that's another story.