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1989-1993 Norton Manx

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This bike is a 1938 Norton Manx single knocker, with a garden gate frame. I built this bike to race, and was quite successful in that endeavor. I forget the year, but I do remember my rider, Marcello Degucci (sp?).

We campaigned the bike one year in the pre-1940 AHRMA class. We ran the bike four times that year, two firsts and two seconds. One of the seconds was at Daytona the first year they let the pre-1940's run on the big track. It was a photo finish second behind a 1938 Indian Scout. The local news gave me a copy of the photo finish, and it appeared that we had actually won the race. When I said a photo finish, it's misleading in that no photo by the officials is taken. It's a judgement call. The judge was wrong on this one. We finished 10th in the overall standings that year, running only four events out of the fourteen. Not bad.